Vifm v0.12.1 betaSeptember 5, 2022

The beta stage will last about two weeks. In case any serious bugs are found during this period, another beta version might be released.

Changes overview
Expression register for command-line prompts (Ctrl-R =)

If you ever wanted to insert result of evaluating an expression into command-line, now you can. One of the most useful applications of this is pasting clipboard's contents without the risk of it being processed as user input (e.g., :<c-r>=system('xsel')).

Selection handling improvements

New :keepsel command-prefix is meant to suppress clearing of selection done automatically after most of command-line commands thus avoiding the need for using gs command to restore it. As a common case, the behaviour for :view command has been changed to not drop selection.

Restoring selection in a newly entered directory can now be done not just from a register populated ahead via yanking selection ("rgs), but just by executing gs to restore selection the directory had before it was left last time. Vifm remembers last 10 locations with non-empty selection.

An arbitrary editor can now be fully integrated via Lua

'vicmd' and 'vixcmd' were always there, but commands specified in these options could receive Vim-specific arguments they don't expect. Writing a shell wrapper was an option, but it had to do guesswork while post-processing arguments meant for Vim, which is error prone. A Lua handler can now be used instead. It receives full context about editor invocation and can perfectly forward the request to an arbitrary editor.

TUI improvements

Escaping of unprintable characters, less of annoying flickering, slightly better File Info dialog.

Conflict resolution dialog now provides a sub-dialog for comparing conflicting files and is also smarter at picking which actions to offer.

Lua API additions (still experimental)

The API now gives some access to layout, tabs and keys.

Unlike :*map commands, keys API allows defining custom selectors (like 2j in d2j), keys that accept an argument (like a in ma) and keys that accept selectors (custom or builtin).


Bulk retargetting of links, optional implicit :cd on command line, macros that expand to non-empty selection, supporting more <keys>.


Escaping of arguments and slashes in paths will now hopefully work better on Windows, which is generally an issue there. Yori shell is now also handled on Windows.

New %N macro can be used to fix image preview in Kitty terminal.

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