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Vifm v0.13April 4, 2023

Thanks to everyone who tried out the beta.

Faster file-system navigation with a new searching/filtering submode

Hitting <c-y> after / or = allows finding and opening consecutive path components without leaving command-line mode. In this mode keys like <c-o>/<c-n>/<c-p>/<left>/<home>/etc. help to refine cursor position or go to parent directory if necessary.

More interactive :compare

You can now see stats about file comparison on the status bar and have an option to easily re-run the comparison while toggling visibility of some of the groups.

Also, default file alignment is more natural now. do and dp handle selection. You can force ignoring or respecting case in paths. Performance and memory consumption have been improved in various cases.

Mouse support and TUI improvements

Once mouse support is enabled, you should be able to perform simple browsing with just your mouse for those cases when it's more convenient.

Conflict dialog now always presents basic file metadata for comparison. Detailed progress dialog has ETA. Ls-like view can now have a fixed number of columns.


Formatting of tabs and entry selection in Lua. Changing register's content via an editor. Explicitly prompting user for input via input() function.


v0.12.1 was supposed to improve escaping on Windows, but it simultaneously made one old bug more prominent, effectively making things much worse in some cases. This release remedies that.

%N macro has been adjusted to fix integration with image preview of Kitty v0.27+.

Lots of fixes related to search and various combinations of 'hlsearch', 'incsearch' in different modes.

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