Vifm v0.12September 29, 2021

New version makes textual preview asynchronous, provides support for 24-bit colors, improves tree-view and introduces experimental Lua plugins support.

Thanks to everyone who tried out the beta.

Main changes
  • Color schemes and preview now support 24-bit colors.
  • Depth of tree-view can now be limited and directories in it can be folded.
  • Textual preview of files is now done asynchronously.
  • List of files can now be directly piped to programs via new macros.
  • External editing now asks for a re-edit after a failure.
  • Status line can now take up several lines.
  • Vifm has received a more advanced, but currently experimental, extension interface in a form of Lua plugins.
  • New keys for controlling viewer while in view mode.
  • View column separators.
  • New logo.
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