Vifm v0.11September 24, 2020

New version finally updates format of vifminfo file unblocking changes such as persistent tabs, sessions and timestamp-based merging of histories. In addition to that there were several noticeable improvements in user interface and important optimizations.

Thanks to everyone who tried out the beta.

Main changes
  • Added persistent tabs
  • Added sessions
  • New format of vifminfo file (old version is imported on first run)
  • Smarter merging of histories between runs that avoids dropping of new entries
  • Version of default color scheme for 256-color terminals
  • Customizable tab labels
  • Keeping ratio of pane sizes constant on resizes, restarts and tab switching
  • Various performance improvements
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Source Code

md5: c79b606b4763b5c9b82d3b3e6f89ded0
sha1: f32294dcd822bb6fb4c32324e03aa831f8e77c2b
ripemd160: 27b732471db0954c58ff8ee44a58925c5685f8b2
Win32 Binaries

md5: cf9e606dd6acdd8678be449acd1a827a
sha1: 3cc196d08e8128fd22753a7d1104c939e1ecf2f7
ripemd160: 8b996243af232ce7c998cbebc10af67f3ab7d852
Win32 Single-Executable Binaries

md5: 179e178180ccb8e0ca55d774b146a80e
sha1: 2a2562a89ea576f2237f5741ce270240ae309dfa
ripemd160: 05687b0b6d5842e480890be2509548b4a249ddc1
Win64 Single-Executable Binaries

md5: d5515ab2fdbe6c5ea02dc68f51e5b420
sha1: d9a8fc41384658fa70edbeda297859d1c25f4e1f
ripemd160: 17c2247f4eb2a865ad25c59cc343c476b72e7afc