Vifm v0.10.1July 29, 2019

This version provides additions and improvements for media management feature, several enhancements related to text user interface, extra features to Vim plugin thanks to merging in neovim-vifm plugin and various small changes.

Thanks to everyone who tried out the beta.

Main changes
  • Added file preview to miller mode
  • Added preview macro to directly output to terminal, which enables use of Sixel graphics for previewing
  • Added udisks2 backend to vifm-media script (bundled script for managing media) and version of the script for OS X
  • Updated code to make use of large amount of color pairs when available
  • Functionality of previously separate neovim-vifm plugin got merged into the main plugin
  • Multiple improvements to :media menu
  • Improved performance in several use cases (quickview, lots of unhighlighted files, unnecessary cursor updates and redraws)
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