Vifm v0.9.1February 5, 2018

This version adds to the list of ways for viewing files by introducing miller columns view and transposed ls-like view (grid view). Other developments are related to integration between builtin features as well as with external applications.

Thanks to everyone who tried out the beta.

Main changes
  • Introduced file view mode known as miller columns or cascading lists, which can be enabled via 'millerview' and configured with 'milleroptions'.
  • Added ability to transpose ls-like view to make it fill by columns, see new 'lsoptions' option.
  • More natural behaviour of movement keys in ls-like view.
  • New --remote-expr command-line option that can be used to query state of running instances.
  • Extended retry/ignore/abort query of 'syscalls' to all file operations.
  • More control over highlight groups via :highlight suitable for interactive changes.
  • Mostly eliminated the need for repeating ga/gA commands through automatic size recalculation.
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