Vifm v0.9June 18, 2017

New version brings two new ways of viewing and processing file lists, namely tree-view and directory-comparison. As usual, previously existing facilities were extended and improved to become more useful.

Thanks to everyone who tried out the beta.

Main changes
  • Introduced tree-like representation of files.
  • Added directory comparison facilities.
  • Added ability to restore last navigation menu.
  • Background operations and programs can now be cancelled.
  • Dismissed error output of external programs can now be queried.
  • Added shell completion for bash and zsh.
  • Now it's possible to configure mappings in dialogs.
Demonstration of new features...
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md5: a523a16a7a0170141b5a36cb67251490
sha1: 641d8cbbd627e4d984d386756b71428bcba57eeb
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Win32 Binaries

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sha1: 74afd8f2568e93d1a3d8590bd6ef1fe658d224f7
ripemd160: 9d27702872c9e5eceeb5506da22ea2a126466257
Win32 Single-Executable Binaries

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ripemd160: 6a5afed226aa5a0b6ed0fdf12dea591130802a9d
Win64 Single-Executable Binaries

md5: 9157940bce2a6ce3d5d3ce268d4b2070
sha1: c15360c7aca7ad17e8d729acd35c6126e1b581df
ripemd160: 1a4cce9d3481292cec2881eba1500686cc242340