Vifm v0.8.2July 16, 2016

This release brings a bit of user-friendliness in form of key suggestions and various descriptions provided in the interface. Matching of files has been extended in many ways and become significantly more powerful than before. Menu mode also got several enhancements.

Not sure if it was noticed, but HTTPS protocol is up for related sites since Let's Encrypt started their beta. Everything works fine, so all the links were updated to https protocol.

If you ever wondered which keys are builtin for the command (normal) mode of Vifm, this cheatsheet will show you.

In case you're into using neovim, you might be interesting in checking out alternative Vifm plugin for it.

Thanks to everyone who found the time to try beta version.

Main changes
  • Key suggestions in the interface on ambiguous input (e.g. g).
  • Helpful shortcuts for dialogs (for sort dialog in particular).
  • Key descriptions in :map menus and %z macro for 'statusline' to display some tips.
  • Description of all :commands, 'options' and their values for new multiline version of wildmenu.
  • ANDing, ORing and negating patterns for matching files and new mime-type matcher.
  • File prefixes and suffixes can now be multi-byte, which with extended 'classify' option allows specifying "icons" via custom fonts.
  • Search result highlighting, enabled completion and a way to export the list for menus.
  • An indication of pattern correctness and match state for interactive prompts.
  • :select and :unselect commands to perform automatic file selection (possibly by using output of external application).
  • Cancellation (handling of Ctrl-C) for quick view and view mode loading.
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