Please Support UkraineMarch 1, 2022

Normally, I really hate when unrelated things get mixed up, like when something political is mentioned on a site dedicated to a software project... However, this is not a normal situation, it's wartime here and I think it allows for an exception.

Users of Vifm asked about donations on multiple occasions and they were even available for some time, but it was always a problem to receive money internationally in Ukraine. As you should know by now, Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022. While it's still as hard to donate to me, it should be easy to donate to Ukraine using a multitude of charities that are meant to support it in these trying times. I won't list any of them as they differ from country to country and if you managed to find out how to use Vifm, you'll manage to find a charity on your own :) If you like this project, please consider supporting Ukraine.

Update: please avoid donating to Red Cross, it's not clear if they are helping or harming Ukraine.

Kiev, Ukraine