Vifm v0.10 betaOctober 28, 2018

New version includes long awaited tabs and support for managing media. The first one comes in two flavours: tabs either include layout or don't. The latter relies on a helper script, whose job is to adapt existing tools to make them usable by vifm.

The beta stage will last about two weeks. In case any serious bugs are found during this period, another beta version might be released.

Main changes
  • Added tabs which either operate on the level of layout or level of individual panes
  • Added ability to synchronize contents of registers among multiple instances
  • Added menu for managing media (relies on helper that does the managing)
  • Improved cursor positioning and control over it
  • Ability to colorize statusline
Demonstration of new features...
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sha1: fd54d706c38bd4ee330fb79a9723772a22f1f53e
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Win64 Single-Executable Binaries

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