Vifm v0.9 betaJune 4, 2017

New version brings two new ways of viewing and processing file lists, namely tree-view and directory-comparison. As usual, previously existing facilities were extended and improved to become more useful.

The beta stage will last about two weeks. In case any serious bugs are found during this period, another beta version might be released.

Main changes
  • Introduced tree-like representation of files.
  • Added directory comparison facilities.
  • Added ability to restore last navigation menu.
  • Background operations and programs can now be cancelled.
  • Dismissed error output of external programs can now be queried.
  • Added shell completion for bash and zsh.
  • Now it's possible to configure mappings in dialogs.
Demonstration of new features...
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Source Code
md5: 23e2e247a924da7ecbcedfc811a7e15f
sha1: 100f1bf982e4882263405b9ba8fdeefd0689dc35
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Win32 Binaries
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sha1: 42e6da808d5af3b17d2df05acb79e5f5c94b9e8b
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Win64 Single-Executable Binaries
md5: eb1d87394a909025fb32de1754f4d450
sha1: 9c807820a4b44425fc6275f7b2e2b398d1e1c64b
ripemd160: 4328ecea8618982dcd6d87f62a8193876051e593