Vifm v0.8.1January 17, 2016

New minor version delivers primarily various small improvements of different kinds. There is also improvement of navigation via named bookmarks (or tags), which can ease keeping track of what is where, and an ability to apply settings to specific directories or sub-trees (via combination of autocommands and local options).

Thanks to everyone who was reporting issues during beta period.

Main changes
  • Added local options, which work until directory change.
  • Added named bookmarks (paths are associated with tags).
  • Added autocommands (with DirEnter event).
  • Added ability to sort by regexp-extracted part of file name.
  • Added builtin directory preview (similar to tree).
  • Added a way to communicate menu contents to Vim quickfix.
  • Added "more" mode that is used to handle status bar content that doesn't fit on the screen.
  • IPC got new (safe) implementation with listing/targeting of active instances, it's enabled by default again.
  • Updating local view settings from vifmrc now affects both panes (:windo is not necessary).
  • More predictive cursor updates on directory reload.
  • Improvements related to expression and command parsing.
More detailed list of changes...
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md5: 2b748ed3831b3036bc32689218df356f
sha1: 683c3eecc1c671da8cfd58518d2174ff6c46f61d
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Win32 Binaries
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Win64 Single-Executable Binaries
md5: 9c930b32f29274e33367a7afa2ced0c9
sha1: fa05a712eabd2489a8fb351f4917ffa174f10e51
ripemd160: 2687236b37e4bc8207546040a95dbf8212cd9569