Vifm v0.7.8 betaOctober 11, 2014

New version adds a couple of major features, allows for some more customizations and makes usual operations more convenient. Finally, file system operations got progress (it's disabled by default, new implementation needs to be tested in different environments to become the primary one). Another feature is multiblock selection ("extended visual mode" if you wish). Vifm also became friendlier to authors of colorschemes and those who'd like to customize UI a bit more. Don't forget that Vifm has new site and Wiki.

The beta stage will last about two weeks. In case any serious bugs are found during this period, another beta version might be released.

Main changes
  • Added multiblock "selection" (in quotes because it's also block deselection and inversion of selection for completeness).
  • Added progress bar for file operations. Available only if 'syscalls' option is set (please be careful with that, check basic operations on temp files before using this with important data).
  • Added names for 256 colors, highlight group for inactive cursor, :highlight clear command.
  • Some improvements for cancelling operations.
  • Better implementation of emptying trash directories.
  • New types of conflict resolution.
  • Several extensions for filtering with user-defined commands.
  • More customizable UI (borders, padding).
  • Smarter path completion.
  • Separated Vifm and Vim plugin documentation.
  • A couple of extensions for Vim plugin (for mail and bulk file renaming).
More detailed list of changes...
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