Vifm v0.7.7May 16, 2014

New version provides more customizations for several existing features and more convenient interaction with them.

Main changes
  • Vifm has had support for navigation by file number for years, finally it can display those numbers.
  • Support of trash directories got better with ability to have trash per mount point and new trash menus.
  • Command-line mode now has Ctrl-X prefixed keys that insert parts of filenames and filters (kind of Ctrl-R in Vim).
  • Bookmarks are now timestamped for more predictable management (mainly deletion and overwriting).
  • For security reasons remote commands are now disabled at configuration stage by default.
  • Most of long-running operations (:find, :copy, etc.) now can be cancelled by pressing Ctrl-C.
  • Menus with list of files got unified gf (for navigation) and e (for editing) shortcuts.
  • Several fixes and %n macro for better integration with terminal multiplexers.
  • Ability to sort list view with disabled grouping of directories.
  • Expression parser was extended in a couple of ways.
  • Added three more sample color schemes.
More detailed list of changes...
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