Vifm v0.7.6October 31, 2013

New minor version brings better integration with environment and external tools as well as enhances file filtering capabilities in several ways. Apart from that, old features were tweaked and some build issues and bugs were resolved. New Win32 and Win64 single-executable (no DLLs) packages appear first time with this release.

This time beta stage was quite fruitful. Thanks to all who installed and tried beta versions, and special thanks to filterfalse.

Main changes
  • Added interactive local filter.
  • Added external editing of command-line content with 'vicmd'.
  • Added integration with tmux.
  • Added options to configure external commands for :apropos, :find, :grep and :locate commands.
  • Added desktop entry file (*nix only) and updated application icon.
  • Fixed build for some combinations of OS/environments (OS X, 32/64-bit cygwin, Windows).
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