Vifm v0.7.5b betaApril 22, 2013

New version adds one major feature (parsing of escape codes), set of improvements for existing ones and fixes for bugs. There are also some changes in build system and new extra files bundled with Vifm.

The beta stage will last about two weeks. In case any bugs are found during this period, another beta version will be released.

The author would like to say "Thank you" to the following people for their suggestions and bug reports (the order is alphabetical, hope no one was forgotten):
  • Christoph (a.k.a. informationen)
  • Daniel Dettlaff (a.k.a. dmilith)
  • Daniel R. (a.k.a. r1chelt)
  • Denis Protivenskiy
  • Florian Baumann (a.k.a. derflob)
  • Hendrik Jaeger (a.k.a. henk)
  • Marton Balazs (a.k.a. balmar)
  • Merovius
  • Oleg Gordienko (a.k.a. gordio)
  • Sebastian Cyprych
  • ksandr1v
Main changes
  • Removed using of libtool in build process on *nix-like systems.
  • Added parsing of escape codes for the preview pane and less-like view.
  • Added expand() builtin function.
  • Added Gentoo live ebuild and sample color schemes.
  • Added macros that are expanded to register's content.
  • Added dynamic loading of xlib.
  • Added 'shortmess' option.
  • Fixed build issues on FreeBSD and OS X systems.
  • Fixes for redrawing and searching in less-like mode.
More detailed list of changes...
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