Vifm v0.7.4bJanuary 21, 2013

This version is a minor bugfix release. It doesn't contain any new features. The release fixes more than 17 bugs found since version 0.7.4a.

Two weeks since beta version was published have passed. Since no bugs were reported, the beta version is now released as 0.7.4b without any changes except version number.

Fixes in this version are related to the following subjects:
  • Interaction with the screen tool (thanks to Jing Liu).
  • Working with registers (old, but unreported bugs).
  • Rights elevation and dot directories on Windows.
  • Processing of vifminfo file (thanks to Christoph, a.k.a informationen).
  • Handling of colorscheme files (thanks to Charles Kauffman).
  • Displaying of CJK characters (thanks to lcj).
  • 'classify' option (thanks to Thomas Nemeth).
See change log for full list of fixes.

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