Vifm v0.7.4b betaJanuary 7, 2013

This version is a minor bugfix release. It doesn't contain any new features. The release fixes more than 17 bugs found since version 0.7.4a.

Because of promise not to release anything without beta-testing, even this bugfix release has a beta stage, which should last about two weeks. In case some bugs will be found, a second beta will be released in a week.

Fixes are related to the following subjects:
  • Interaction with the screen tool (thanks to Jing Liu).
  • Working with registers (old, but unreported bugs).
  • Rights elevation and dot directories on Windows.
  • Processing of vifminfo file (thanks to Christoph, a.k.a informationen).
  • Handling of colorscheme files (thanks to Charles Kauffman).
  • Displaying of CJK characters (thanks to lcj).
  • 'classify' option (thanks to Thomas Nemeth).
See change log for full list of fixes.

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