Vifm v0.7.4aOctober 22, 2012

0.7.4 package contains configuration files of autotools of different versions. As a result it's not always possible to build Vifm 0.7.4 by running `./configure && make`. The author is sorry about wasted time of users spent on building Vifm with partially broken build system.

Anyway this mistake has also a good point. 0.7.4a fixes several bugs, some of which are related to new features.

Thanks to everyone who reported issues with building or using Vifm 0.7.4.

See change log for full list of fixes.

P.S. To prevent similar issues in the future and make release versions more stable next versions of Vifm will get at least one beta. If you want to participate in beta-testing of future releases (even trying to build and run Vifm would be great), please subscribe to vifm-announce mailing list to be notified about availability of beta-version using this link.

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