Vifm v0.7.4October 18, 2012

0.7.4 is a minor release, which improves existing features as well as adds some new ones.

There are two main directions in which improvements were made. One of them is TUI, which now has support of multiple columns and ls-like view as well as customizable file name decoration (prefix and suffix). The second one is connected with command interpreter, which now supports builtin functions, conditional operators and conditional execution of commands (using if-else-endif statements). Additionally, Vifm's memory footprint was made smaller and running of programs associated with files made smarter (won't stop until existing program is found).

Main changes
  • New multicolumn view.
  • New ls-like view (see 'lsview' option) and related keys for it.
  • Prefixes and suffixes of files of different types are configurable now.
  • Smarter handling of file associations (now Vifm will try to find existing program).
  • Some basic means to do scripting (if-else-endif statements, builtin functions, comparison operators).
  • Reduced history memory consumption.
  • Better configure script, which now checks more stuff (and does it in a more accurate way) needed to build Vifm.
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