Vifm v0.6.3July 20, 2011

Main changes
  • Added another format for filetype (FUSE_MOUNT2). Added %CLEAR FUSE mount parameter. See vifmrc for details.
  • Added %c and %C macros (current file of current and other directories, not selected file or files).
  • Added :rename command (opens vi to let you edit names for selected file or files).
  • Added undo list (u, Ctrl-R and :undolist commands; 'undolevels' option).
  • Added small FAQ.
  • Added gA command (like ga, but forces update).
  • Added whole line comments (can be useful in startup file).
  • Added :dirs command (shows directory stack).
  • Added 'sortnumbers', 'followlinks', 'fusehome', 'confirm' and 'history' options.
  • Added dialog to ask user about backwards range in command.
  • Added some vi like keys for menus, dialogs and visual mode.
  • Added 'savelocation' option (start Vifm in the last visited directory) which is off be default thus returning old behaviour when Vifm is started with no argument.
  • Added gv command for visual mode.
  • Enter key in visual mode will leave it saving selection.
  • Now location of panes is saved in ~/.vifm/vifminfo instead of ~/.vifm/vifmrc
  • Now builtin keys can be remapped.
  • Don't replace escape sequences for :! and :!! commands.
  • More vi like completion and history in command line and search.
  • Some improvements for :filter command.
  • Some improvements for command ranges.
  • Now ranges modify %f macro for user defined commands.
  • Made f and F work with wide characters.
  • Made option parser handle quotes.
  • Rename files in Trash (to avoid name conflicts).
  • Don't terminate background processes on Vifm exit.
  • Remove files that are in the Trash on :empty command from all registers.
  • Don't ignore Ctrl-Z.
  • Don't clear screen on shellout.
  • Updated Vim plugin.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.
See ChangeLog for details. Also see THANKS file that was added in this release.

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