Vifm v0.6.2June 19, 2011

This release fixes some bugs and adds several commands for different modes.

Main changes
  • Added map menus (run :cmap, :vmap, :nmap commands without arguments).
  • Added :cmdhistory command.
  • Added 'fastrun' option.
  • Added o and O keys for Visual mode (go to other end of selection).
  • Added gv Normal mode command.
  • Added support for spaces and functional keys in mappings (<space> and <f0> - <f63>).
  • Added mimetype to fileinfo dialog.
  • Added %b command macro.
  • Implemented :yank and :colorscheme commands.
  • Made filetype menu editable.
  • Restore SIGINT (Ctrl+C) default behaviour on shellout.
  • Replace escape sequences in quick view output with ^foo.
  • Give options if a file already exists in destination directory.
  • Unmount all FUSE mounts on exit.
  • More verbose version information.
  • Added Ctrl-C key handling to error message dialog.
  • Use file command when GTK+ and libmagic are disabled.
  • Better error messages.
  • Use ga command results to sort by size.
  • Fixed paths in config.c to work with non standard install prefix.
  • Fixed several bugs with command completion and terminal resizing.
See ChangeLog for details and AUTHORS for information about authors.

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